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Dear friends,

One and a half months ago we started our yoga adventure in Spain. We had a wonderful time hosting two retreats in August, sharing our practice with two beautiful groups of individuals. There was laughter, crying, singing, lots of yoga, meditation and also time for making friends, being quiet and enjoying the amazing nature around us. We will cherish the memories!

New retreats at “El Molino” in Spain October & November 2015

Because we enjoyed organizing the retreats so much, we decided to plan two more from October 25th until the 31st and from November 1st until the 7th 2015.

To all the people who could use a break from daily life: Join us! 😀
All inclusive prices from €395,-

There will be yoga, meditation, workshops and theory classes, while (again) staying at the beautiful location called “El Molino”. This rural retreat location is situated in between the orange, fig, pomegranate and lemon trees (yummy!). Also there is a very nice creek called Rio Guaro, where various herbs and turtles can be found.

For more information about the retreat and for pictures, take a look at our

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Our journey so far and the quest for our own retreat location

Furthermore for those of you who are interested in our personal journey; we have been very busy looking for our own retreat location the last month. This quest brought us to different regions of southern Spain, starting with the Alpujarras, south of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. As it was the fig season, and fig trees were abundant, we were feasting on them every day. We were pleasantly surprised by the cute organic shops in the main town of the region Órgiva, and enjoyed a couple of beautiful walks through the mountains.

We were being tipped that the Sierra de Grazalema National Park ought to be a beautiful place, so we made that our next stop. As rainfall in the Grazalema National Park is about four times higher than in the surrounding areas, there is an oasis of green. After weeks of drought and sunshine, we experienced our first Spanish raindrops on our way there. We were thrilled! Being from a country where rain is abundant, we forgot how important it is for life to flourish. The humid air smelled wonderful! The scenery in the park was spectacular and we definitely felt a connection to the nature there.

Our third stop was in the coastal town of Tarifa. A surfers’ paradise, with a huge white sanded beach, perfect for our morning yoga practice. Not only did we enjoy the sea, the beach and the lovely shops, we also enjoyed the fact that finally we found several really good vegetarian restaurants (which is quite difficult in carnivorous Spain!).

So, did we succeed in our quest for a permanent retreat location? We might have! More news will follow in our next newsletter… 🙂

For now, we wish you all a beautiful after-summer, with lots of love, yoga and peace.

All the best,

Alexander & Serieke
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